Being the day of love so close, I couldn’t impede myself from writing about love. Love!!! The word itself brings goose bumps to, doesn’t it??? Well for me it does. I am not yet struck by the cupid, but would want to feel love… Naaah!!! I have been struck by the cupid. Well the point is not whether I am being struck or no, its about what is LOVE???

I had eaten my moms head by just asking this question repeatedly again and again. I never believed in love, but always read love stories. I always went so awww when I saw any romantic movie or read a love story or heard someones love story. My mom introduced me to Mills and Boons!!! Strange!!! Because usually moms never do this. But well my mom did that and I have been a fan of Mills and Boons since then.


Well again got driven from the main topic: WHAT IS LOVE? So love is something that has no definition, rather its not a word with one definition. Every persons definition of love is different. Love is all about how you see it… for me love is about everything. To be frank I used to believe in love but then due to some circumstances at my home front, I thought it doesn’t exist at all. But I met a friend just two years back and believe me he changed my feelings about love. He never said that he loves me, but the positive part is, he never said that he doesn’t!!! 😉 Well he is a sweet friend, and nothing more. But love can be for a friend too rite?

Love is not always about sacrifices, but sacrifice is a part of love. It’s not about meeting everyday but it is about thinking about the one everyday. It’s not about kissing on the lips but it’s about kissing on the forehead as a mark of respect. It’s not about gifting gifts but about saying few words of love. Well this is love for me. Well there is more about love that I believe.


As said earlier I never believed in love earlier, and now I somewhat believe in it. But am sure that the day someone would be above my career, my studies, my work, my life is when I can say that,” I am in LOVE!!!”

Yeah I am so sure that love may not show you the best days always, but if love is true then he would be with you in the worst of time. Love is about feeling it. It’s not shown all the time, is it??? No, it is not. It is to be felt.

When you figure out who is the love of your life, don’t let em go ever… feel love guys, I am sure it would be beautiful.

So friends keep loving, blogging and reading…


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