A Lot like Love…

Love beach in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil.
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Well about the title, I am not copying the movie by any chance… I mean the stories of Maya are entirely a series of something else. It’s a bunch of experiences and feelings. I used the movie name; because I love the movie and I think it would suit this story… well here I start with another story in the Memoir of Maya.

As you know every writer loves their characters a lot. Though am not a writer yet, but still I do love my character, so what if it’s a girl. Well as posted in my “expect the unexpected”, my favorite character is ‘Maya’. Well to be frank, that’s the only character I have. There are reasons to have just one character always… its simple, my hands doesn’t work further when Maya is not there in the story. Well I just love the character Maya.

So this short story of Maya starts in the night of Valentine’s Day. Maya had just lied down on her bed just when she was looking at her mobile phone and couldn’t stop herself from texting her love of life. Every moment the thought of texting him made her crave more and more for him.

Well she was upset since morning as he hadn’t replied to any of her texts. So finally she decided not to text him the entire day. She succeeded somewhat, but couldn’t stop herself at night when the clock struck ‘twelve and it was Valentine’s day…

She just texted him, “happy valentine’s day” and she wasn’t expecting a reply in return. But to her astonishment she got a reply, “wish u the same baby” and Maya was overwhelmed. Then both of them started texting as they usually did. But there was this something in Maya that she couldn’t understand that well as well.

She was happy that he replied to her text and they chatted till 4 in the morning, but she had this bad feeling about something. She had no doubts, about did she love him? But rather had a doubt about, he loving her… well I know love isn’t about doubts, but Maya didn’t know it, I guess. But she couldn’t do anything about it, rite??? I mean though they spoke in the most intimate way possible, but still he never said that he loves her. Well and she had confessed it to him. I mean Maya was naïve, had never been in love before. She was quite a virgin. Well she is still, but yes she did have her first kiss with him, and that makes a lot of difference, doesn’t it?? I mean it does for Maya.

Well then after a nice chat with him, he eventually never texted her back that night, but then she kept thinking about him. Well many of us might be in such a situation or have already been in one. The point is why do girls usually take a kiss or some sweet words so much to heart??? Well Maya loved every time she kissed him. And she could recollect the kiss every time she thought of it. Maybe the guy loved her too but just doesn’t know that it is love, like Maya never knew it was love until she cried for him and that was when she confessed it.

Till today she remembers the color of the t-shirt he wore on their first date. And the way he held her hand and the way he approached for the first kiss… well I think Maya is too much into love with him and can’t see what’s right or wrong!!! Maybe she is being a fool. But if love would have been so easy then we wouldn’t have had the best love stories with sad endings???

Anyway I am sure there would be a lot of people reading this post and thinking that it is their story… well I would be glad if I touch anyone’s heart by my words… there is a lot to come on Maya I am just waiting for some more time.

So as of now, I would end up this story of Maya here… and would keep all of you updated about Maya…

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Feel love… love, love…. And keep blogging and reading!!!


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