The Crazy Book Lover!!!

Why love is always coupled with the person who is either our lover or spouse??? Love is even between mother and daughter, father and son, best friends, brother and sister and so on. There are many people, better to our so called soul mate in our lives!!!Whenever a love song is played on the TV set or radio or somewhere down the street, why does one thinks,” I wish my sweetheart (spouse/lover) was here!!!” Why don’t we think about our parents or siblings or friends?


Well there are many people I love like my mom, my brother, my friends, a lot of of them… Though there is no one special yet as they say!!! But yeah, I do love all of them and don’t hesitate in saying “I Love You” to all those whom I love in reality.

Well apart from people there are some places, some things I really love… it sounds a bit girlish, I know, but I am a girl n proud tobe one!!! So love for me isn’t limited to moving creatures but also for the non living creature, though for me everything has got a life, rather a story… I believe that everything, every small damn thing has a story in itself.

The thing I love the most is my mini library… I just love it and can spend my entire day in my mini library just reading and writing. It isn’t weird, rite when you love something inanimate? As said, ‘Books are our Best Friends’, indeed they are! I mean for a musician his musical instrument is something he loves, for a photographer, his camera, the same way for a writer and a crazy reader, books are something they love. I am so sure that most of the people out here will agree that books are our best friends, aren’t they?


They never fight with us; they never bawl at us, they never get upset this is what people usually think. But for me my books do brawl with me, I mean can you ever imagine a relationship without a fight, a squabble, and a wrangle??? It would be so bland, I mean the relationship. Same way my books do get angry when I don’t read them, when I don’t clean my library or just ignore some books for others. I don’t know about other book lovers here, but I do feel a connection between my books and me.

Well when I started typing this piece of work, I thought I would write on relationships between someone other than that of lovers, I mean some human relationship, but rather I just got carried away with the flow and it took a twist all of a sudden. Well that is what I love about Writing!!!

Anyways guys it’s too late now for me 2 be awake and write more but would certainly be back tomorrow. If I wait for another post, then surely my mom’s gonna kill me!!! 😉 lolzzz….. So guys keep reading n keep blogging!!!


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