The Black and White Effect!!!

color caravan
are colors important???

Colors are very attractive and it brings gives joy on one’s face. Most of us love the colors like vibrant reds, blues; greens etc. When a child is sad we give him some candies or balloons, again Colorful!!!

I was just wondering while looking at my beads, that though I am not the color lover, still most of the things I have all the best colors in it. Well life is all about colors. A thing is colorful but, rather a person. Are you colorful?? Are you joyous? Are you happy?

In life it’s very difficult for people to be happy but rather it’s easy to find happiness in the smallest thing. Now that is colorful!!! Besides writing, I also like photography, not a master in either but writing being my first love and photography on the third… I usually like clicking black and white pictures rather than the colorful ones. I find it more striking and more effective. My camera has gone for servicing so cant post the pictures now but the beads on this post is being clicked while wondering.

I want to be colorful in life, but black and white colors too, rite??? They are right. Well a person being ‘black and white’ indicates, a person being closed, introvert, pessimist. But that ain’t bad rite? Well I consider myself as a ‘black and white’ person as I am an introvert; I am a close book…. It is not very easy to know about me when u first meet me… so about people who are the colorful types, they are more jovial. Not that the grey shad people are boring, but they are close to very few but totally devoted to that few.

I have friends who are so colorful in nature that they can make friends in no minute, while me on the other hand m so grayish, that it takes around a year for me to make friends…. Well not those grayish are nerds but rather they like to be more within themselves, while the others are more within the group. I do remember about this party from my college, where all were having fun and I was busy reading a novel.

Well being colorful, is great, indeed!! But as said earlier black and whites are colors too!!!!

Keep blogging and reading!!!



4 thoughts on “The Black and White Effect!!!

  1. Ashmita..

    just rembr..God has created each one of us in a unique way. No two human beings can think or act in exactly the same way. All men or women act the way they do because God within them prompts them that way.So just don’t think that you are having black and white life and others leading colorful by seeing only 1 perspective of making friends.
    Look with a different lens..its just that your life is colorful with some other aspects u don’t wanna see. Don’t compare! But cherish the way u r different..


    1. welllll i love my life and cherish it a lot…. just by being black n white life doesn’t mean that its bad, i m loving it…. yeah i have emphasized more on the aspect of making friends, and that is ‘cuz i had my friends sitting over while i was penning my thots….. n it was jus fr all those ppl out there who thinks that their life is a mishap (a frnd of mine), i jus wanted 2 make da fact clear that black n white are colors too…… n so maybe lesss but i hav gt frnds 2 live for…. all the people surrounding me r my sweethearts, n trust me i hav no regrets… welll anyways thnx fr ur reply, n it also means that a positive post, that i thot it is turned out 2 b a bit negative, n i wud work on it for sure, thnx!!!! keep reading keep blogging


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