The Bird without Wings

Birds fly freely and enjoy their ride in the open sky. Today while looking outside the window of my classroom I was sort of jealous of the birds. I wish I could also be as free as them. Obviously I know that it is not possible to fly, nor do I want to but being free without any clutches holding me.

Being born in India, we the teenagers often are bound to a few things like getting home on time or eating the typical home made food. Even in India there are people who are no more dependent on their parents. But it is difficult to say to our parents that, “Ma I wanna move out!!!” If I say this oh gosh! I am gonna be kicked out saying. “You are free to go; go get lost!”


But I don’t want to be thrown out of home but yes want to live by my own in my own apartment, making food for myself, coming home at a time where no one would take any objection. I know there would be hardships to face. But as any other youth around me I want to earn my own bread and butter. Most of the Indian youth , today, if asked to move out and live on their own, they would say,” yes!!!”, at least the one’s who wants to be independent would want to move out.

When told my grandfather about youth moving out after graduation, his face had a sarcastic smile and he cynically stared at me. I knew what his opinion about youth moving out is. Being independent is the dream of every youth, isn’t it? I know one can be independent even by staying with your folks but what’s the harm in Moving out??? Nothing right!!! It’s not like, one wanna break all the relation and just move on, rather it’s finding yourself and getting to know more about the outer world!!!


In India, a person is a child even after he has a child… You know what I mean??? Even a middle aged person would go running to his parents if he has some crises. It’s good, but to some extent. Freedom is something we got years ago then why not the youth of today gets freedom too??

Is it much to ask for??? Well many think this opinion of mine as a bold step and they also think that I don’t love my mom, I mean come on!!! I love her and would be in touch always but… anyway as an Indian youth I would still wait for her permission to let me move out!! The post is not really about moving out but about freedom!!! Why can’t one have a freedom to do what they want to?

Many people think this is some kinda trend that I want to follow, but it’s not about the trend!!! And as it is I am not the trend follower; rather I am the trend setter for many… So it’s not about following the trend but a bout following your heart.


Well I would be seeking for a permission and then move out, but even if I don’t; I would certainly be independent, wouldn’t I??? Yup I would, indeed!!! Anyway on an ending note, keep blogging keep reading!!!


4 thoughts on “The Bird without Wings

  1. wow ashi.wat r u tryin 2 say.i got it.i was flowing in ur blog by readin wat hav u written.i didnt came 2 know wen it came 2 end.bohot jaldi khatam hogya.


  2. Nice post of being independent.Its true we Indians rely more upon our parents/elders in time of crisis and I feel it is the most important part of our life that we are being protected and loved….but in case of minor crisis which can be surely done by us, it has /should be done by us instead of spreading the idea everywhere that we are in crisis.Liked your post!


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