The Texting Trend!!!

The youth like me have a propensity to follow the popular trend going on. We, the youth, like to have an trouble-free life, not that we are petrified of challenges or uphill struggle but by ‘trouble-free’, I mean, a more quicker life where it can be easy for them to be in touch with others.

I remember my dad used to use ‘pager’ where my mom used to keep messages for him, in case required. Today, texting or rather most commonly used as smsing’ has become so common that no one can literally stay without it. Maybe it is because of the ‘free sms schemes’ initiated by the telecommunication companies. Being in contact has become so easy these days. More than being in contact; it’s all about addiction lately. It’s an addiction among the youth to keep texting.

Today morning on my way to college, while I just texted my friend that I would reach college in the next 15minutes, and I just took my train to my college. In the train there were few women, but all of them were busy texting on their mobile phones. There was this girl wearing a pretty black kurti and jeans. Well I liked her kurti; whatever… she came to my notice because, while reading her sms, she was smiling profusely.

Well these days text chatting has become so common that everyone at least in Mumbai keeps on doing it. I mean even the Bollywood has become an addict of the ‘Text Chatting’ which eventually becomes, ‘Texting’.

My mom is tired of me sticking to the mobile all day. I just can’t leave it anywhere. It’s not like I have a guy, who would keep texting me, but still I don’t like anyone reading my text, no one does like it, right? So well going back to the Texting thing, its one of the most convenient and affordable thing. Easy to be in touch with anyone and it doesn’t interrupts you at work… you can always be in a meeting and reply through a text (that’s what a friend of my does!!!), I keep texting while in lecture, so its kind of easy n fun!!!

So let’s keep the trend on and let’s keep texting…


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