the social networking sites

now a days, sociAl netWorking siteS have become so common. every child on the street talks about Twitter and Facebook…. although its a nice gateway to old frnds n relatives… people do be in touch with these netwrking sites bt sumtimes ppl r diffrnt in ‘chatrooms’… i knw this friend of mine who goes all blaah blaaah on facebook but wen v meet in college she is da quietest girl ever… mayb its just a getaway for her!!!

my cousin who never used to talk actually says,”wassup?” these days…. tRANSFORMATION…. welll talking abt transformations, i myself hav transformed a lot since being introduced to facebook n twitter!!! i knw dat dis tranfrmation is a big surprise 2 all my frnds and cousins or rather a shock to them!!! 😉

well wateva it is… social netwrkin sites hav now becum a part of our lives n helps in connecting ppl frm far off!! so atlst i m lovin’ it!!


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