Thought a lot over brunch, “How do I like my eggs?” this question was repeatedly asked by Ike Graham (Richard Gere) which left Maggie Carpenter (Julia Roberts) flabbergasted in the movie Runaway Bride… she didn’t knew how she liked her eggs? This was my deliberation the entire day, “how do I like my eggs?” I have scrambled eggs when I am all by my self, thinking wish I had made a nice puffy omelet and if I am eating an omelet then I would be in awe – why not a nice and light boiled egg or a rich and stomach filling French toast. I like my eggs as the people around me likes it just like our Runaway Bride. Perhaps this just means that I am too confused in life.

Confusion crops up when there are more than one way road in front of us. I habitually get confused on the simplest decision on, “Which road should I take to the college?” Perplexities make a youth’s life. I have never given a thought to what kind of dresses do I like wearing? Or what kind of shoes I like? Or the simplest of all what kind of eggs do I like? Grew up as my dad’s princess and never thought of facing the world all by myself. But I had to, in fact everyone has to. It’s difficult for a geek to go and manage everything by them. But well, I am managing it quite well. Though I am no more a geek now!!!

I never was sure about a career or any profession that I would take up, I am not so sure about it still. But have finally apprehended that I love to pen my feelings. I love to write. But many tell me that this can’t be taken up as a career. Maybe they’re right or maybe they’re wrong. I am confused in everything I do. When I have too many options I think, “Which one’s good?” or “which one’s bad?” I never get it clear that, “This is what I want!!!”

Well I think perplexity or rather I would say CONFUSION is something, everyone of my age would be suffering!!! People do have confusion in what to wear, what not to wear? What to eat and what not? Whom to talk? What to talk? What to write? What to say? It goes on…… confusion is not only faced by the youth but also by the mid-aged people (parents, teachers, bosses etc.) confusion makes us, as said earlier, a youth’s life wouldn’t be complete without confusion. I mean imagine, if u get things right; life would be so boring…. And I doubt anyone wants a boring life. So I am going to enjoy my perplexities in someway… n would blog about the way when I get one 😉 lozzzz

And yeah, I still didn’t figure out, “How do I like my eggs??!!??” 😉

Keep reading and writing guys!!


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