Expect the Unexpected!!!

Sometimes it feels excellent when the most unexpected thing happens to you. Sometimes life gives you nothing or also takes away, the given; but sometimes it gives us the unasked!!! It brings a broad smile on your face and you start talking to yourself in pleasure. Happens to you too right?

Well it happened to Maya one night. She just smiled back at the computer and was talking to herself and then smiling again on realizing that she just spoke to herself. Maya’s friend was abroad for work and she used to miss him a lot as they spent most of their time talking to each other. Maya missed him even more as she couldn’t meet him the last time before he left and besides they didn’t meet since the last five months as he was busy with work.

By the way about Maya, let me tell you something more about her: she had stunning eyes though wasn’t the most fine-looking girl in the town. She was a typical ‘nerd’ and used to spend most of her time reading or writing. The best place to find her if she wasn’t at home was the nearest book store or a café. She had an average body with a short height. She used to wear big glasses, which used to hide her attractive eyes.

She never believed that she would ever fall in love or someone would fall in love with her. She used to read romantic novels and used to dream that a prince would come and kiss her and take her away from all her problems to some wonderland. She never was interested in guys as such and never where the guys too interested about her, except for the times when they required her notes or needed her help to complete a project.

One day while on internet, she met a guy online, who was quite charismatic in his talks and thoroughly daunted Maya. They started chatting a lot on net and also on texts. And one fine day they decided to meet. So this is how Maya and this guy met and became good friends. He was almost 6-7 years older to him and that is what impressed Maya. He just made her feel that she was the most beautiful girl. Yeah, he made her feel like a girl.

Maya couldn’t meet this guy before he left for his work trip that would get over in about 6-7 months, or maybe more. Maya had some feelings for him. I mean anyone would after talking all day long with one particular guy. Maya had now changed a bit in her looks, though didn’t get rid of those huge specks of hers. But while he was away for some days already and had sent no reply at all to all those mails she sent him, Maya thought that he being a Casanova and a charming guy would have forgotten her. Though she wasn’t sure that she was in love, but with all these thought it seemed like she was. Although she never knew what’s on his mind. She never asked him…

The guy was quite matured in age as well as in looks, but beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Maya considered him totally flawless, though he was quite plump and had been a flirt all his life and well many people have flaws so do I and Maya and even u but that doesn’t mean that one cannot fall in love. He had the charm to get any girl he wants.

Well anyway, one night, while Maya was busy doing her project; and GMAIL was logged on, on another page. Suddenly, something came to Maya’s mind and she just went on the GMAIL tab and she could see her friend online!!! It was like after quite sometime she saw him online and was so blissful and she started talking to herself. She sent him a “HI”. She was so not sure if he would reply? Or does he remember her yet? And then he sent her a reply with the same words… and Maya was happy as never had been. They spoke for sometime not much, but this moment was been included in Maya’s ‘happiest moments’, though she has very few happy moments but another to her list.

Same way, like Maya, many of us have such happy thoughts. I might publish one of mine someday on this blog; but right now it’s all about Maya. Though Maya feels she is an ordinary girl, but for a writer her character is never just an ordinary person, so for me my character Maya is an extra-ordinary girl. And I would be publishing some more stories on Maya. Some maybe from the current time while some about her past.


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